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Factual and In-Depth Boiler Comparisons and Reviews

worcester bosch vs viessmann

Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann Boilers

Worcester Bosch and Viessmann are without doubt two of the biggest domestic boiler manufacturers in not just the UK, but around the world.  Viessmann are the number one boiler manufacturer in Europe and come to the party in UK with their patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger inside all their boilers.  Their Vitodens 200-W boiler along with weather compensation and other smart controls is probably one of the highest efficiency boilers available in the world today, at a whopping 98% efficiency.

This post takes an in-depth look at both brands and their best boiler offerings and compares them head to head in terms of efficiency, price, technology, internal components and value for money.

What our customers think

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Very Professional

Very happy to supply me with any information on the boilers I wanted.  2 engineers completed the job with minimum disruption. I highly recommend the company. Very professional, honest, and reliable.  Best of all was the price.  Thank you all at Boilerhut.

online boiler quote, trustpilot 5 stars

Excellent Company

Really, really excellent company, highly recommended – went over and above the call of duty to fix us up with a boiler in the coldest of weather.  Wonderful service and very happy to recommend the entire experience.

online boiler quote, trustpilot 5 stars

Exceptional Workmanship

All of the plumbers I spoke to for quotes, all tried to tell me what I wanted, except Boilerhut. they listened to what I wanted. Old boiler out, new boiler in, exceptional standards of workmanship. I cannot praise them enough

online boiler quote, trustpilot 5 stars

Professional, Quick & Efficient

Boilerhut provided a professional service from beginning to end. The assessment of my boiler was thorough and quick. Due to it being so bad, Boilerhut managed to get my new boiler fitted the next day. The fitters were pleasant,clean and quick. I highly recommend Boilerhut.

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  1. Click the “Get Your FREE Online Quote” button anywhere on this page.
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  4. A trained surveyor will contact you and assist you with a survey.
  5. Depending on your needs, you may have to provide some photos.
  6. You will receive a final quote, in many cases lower than the estimate.
  7. If you accept the final price, we will organize a convenient install date.
  8. Installation will be no more than 1-2 days. We’ll even install on weekends!

When you get an online boiler quote with us, you get the highest quality boilers for the lowest price installed in days, not weeks.

Depending on availability, your boiler can be installed the next working day!

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Rest Assured with our Network of Gas Safe Registered Installers

Quality and Safety

Boilerhut adhere to safety best practices and employ only Gas Safe Registered Engineers and Installers.  We also make sure that their Gas Safe certification is up-to-date, and hasn’t expired before every job.  Every boiler is installed with the utmost care, adhering to the latest building regulations and safety guidelines.  You as a customer then need to have your boiler serviced on recommended annual service dates by a Gas Safe registered company or engineer.  That can also help you preserve manufacturer’s warranty.

Extended Warranties

Because we are Viessmann Trained Installers, on top of getting the best possible installation of your boiler, you also get extended warranties: 7 Years on Parts and Labour, and 10 Years Warranty on the patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.

Amazing Deals – Latest Technology

On top of saving money on your energy bills with an online boiler quote for a brand new high efficiency boiler, you get modern tech goodies included with your boiler installation.  You can pick and choose from any of the following:

  • EPH Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat – Control the temperature in your home and set times for your heating to come on.
  • NEST 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat – It learns from your patterns and controls temperature accordingly.
  • NEST Smartphone App connects to your home thermostat remotely, so you can manage it on-the-go.
online boiler quote, nest thermostat

Looking for Some Help & Advice?

When is The Best Time to Replace Your Old Boiler?

If you are spending money even quarterly on boiler repairs, you should definitely consider a boiler replacement.  When you get a free online boiler quote with us and replace your old boiler (10+ years) with a brand new condensing boiler, you can save a lot of your hard earned money on energy bills every year.  Customers have reported average savings of anywhere between £200 to £400.  Which, you don’t have to be a mathematician or Sherlock Holmes to deduct, along with negating boiler repair costs, will recover the cost of a new boiler replacement over a few years.  And on top of you receiving extended warranties (up to 10 years) on parts, labour and heat exchanger, continue saving you money and providing warmth for your family for years to come.  It’s hard to put a price on that.

online boiler quote, boiler replacement
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How Long will it Take for Us to Install Your New Boiler?

Boilerhut makes this whole process super easy for you. Once you get an online boiler quote through the Boilerhut website, you can get a finalized quote within an hour, and the boiler installed in the next 3-4 days.  Whereas other boiler companies may take up to a week to give you a finalized quote, and another couple of weeks to install the boiler!  Boilerhut have been in the boiler installation business for several years, and have excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google.  And because we are Gas Safe registered, we’ll ensure that your system complies with current building regulations and safety guidelines, and make sure you get all the documentation to prove this.  Those documents are essential and should be kept safe because you’ll need them when you sell your property.

How Much is Your New Boiler Likely to Cost you?

Buying a new boiler or a central heating system can be one of the most important buying decisions you can make.  Cost of a new boiler doesn’t just include the boiler cost, but also the installation costs and various extras.  If you are in the market for a new boiler, probably the cheapest route is buying a boiler online from one of the online plumbing merchants, and then find a local plumber to install it for you.  But then the responsibility for verifying whether that plumber/installer is Gas Safe Registered or has any other certification falls square on your shoulders.  Whereas a certified, experienced installation company like Boilerhut will take care of everything at their end.  At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

If you go for the finance option, you can spread the cost over many months or years.  If you’re currently using a 25-30 year old back boiler, chances are you are spending £1000 a year or more on energy bills.  You can easily save £300-£400 per year off that amount by simply getting a brand new, modern, A rated, high efficiency condensing boiler.  Not only do you get consistent heating and hot water, you also waste less energy.  Which means whatever interest you may pay over years, gets negated in energy savings alone.

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