We have a wide range of LPG Boilers available

There are around 4-5 million homes off the grid in the UK and LPG boilers are one of the best options for new installations.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a combination of propane and butane stored under moderate pressure. LPG is stored in a tank which is 250 times denser than gas which means you can store large quantities in a relatively small space. These LPG tanks can also be stored underground.

The LPG Boiler manufacturers we work closely with have the ability to convert a conventional gas boiler to an LPG boiler. Our main partner for these LPG boilers is Viessmann. We can also supply Worcester Bosch and other manufactures if required.

LPG boilers also have some of the lowest CO2 emissions available to off grid clients which are around 20% less than heating oil. LPG Boilers would generally be recommended for new installations over oil boilers due to the lower installations costs.

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